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Wednesday July 24 2024 

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The Langley Blades Speed Skating Club offers speed skating programs to skaters of all ages and abilities. To offer these programs safely we line the boards of the arena with safety mats that protect the skaters from a hard crash if they have a high-speed fall.   These mats are a perfect location for advertising.  The uniqueness and excitement of speed skating means that we always have on-lookers during our practices and competitions and the mat advertising draws their attention.


We are asking organizations to join our Sponsor-A-Mat program. This will help keep our skaters safe and offset the costs of mats which can then be redirected back into ice rentals, equipment and other expenses. If you don’t have a business to promote but want to support the Langley Blades you can purchase a LANGLEY BLADES decal for the mat instead.


The cost to participate is roughly equivalent to the cost of a new mat and printed sponsor decal, which can be professionally designed, if needed, at no extra cost to you.  The decal remains in place for the lifetime of the mat which is typically 5-10 years and displayed at every speed skating practice and competition held at the Langley Sportsplex. We will also splash your name and mat all over our social media pages with a link to your business/service. Our Facebook and Instagram pages have hundreds of followers both locally and nationally. We’ll also mention you on our website www.langleybladesspeedskating.com!


The cost to sponsor a mat is based on decal size as follows:

Decals up to 10 sqft, $500

Decals up to 21 sqft, $600


The mat dimensions are 4’ x 8’ and the maximum decal dimensions are 3’ tall and 7’ wide. 
Long banner style advertising that spans multiple mats are also available.


Please contact us at langleyblades@gmail.com if you are interested in this opportunity to advertise your business or service!


 Single Mat

Row of Mats


The mat is visible to the public during Langley Blades training sessions and interclub meets over the speed skating season at the Langley Sportplex, home of the Langley Blades.  The Sportsplex is a 4-sheet mega-arena, housing a daycare, fitness center, family fun center and physiotherapy and receives a daily high level of user traffic in and out of the facility.